Building Operations

‚Site Inspection: Your building is thoroughly inspected at least once a month to ensure that it is properly cared for, and to help you detect and prevent any maintenance issues before they arise.  During emergency situations, and building projects, our staff is on-site to ensure the problem is fixed and the construction project is completed as scheduled.

Site Maintenance: Your property manager monitors your building’s service contracts. Periodical maintenance is arranged for your elevator, boiler, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, and life safety issues i.e. fire safety systems.  We also procure the supplies and equipment necessary to keep your building clean and well maintained.  We can also provide work crews, superintendents, valets, and porters.  Furthermore, you will have access to an in house violation "cure and compliance" team that contests and appears on your behalf regarding any issued Housing Code and Environmental Control Board violations.

Employee Supervision: Your property manager works closely with your superintendent, doorperson, and building staff; providing detailed job descriptions and performance standards that maximize employee efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, our company can provide you with any employment services needed.

Emergency Service: Your property manager is on call 24/7 to address emergency situations.  Our company works with an extensive pool of equally responsive service providers, i.e. electricians, elevator technicians, plumbers, and boiler service companies that guarantee prompt and effective handling of building emergencies.

Building Administration

A key to a successful Cooperative, Condominium or Residential property is an informed Board of Directors, Managers and Owners. Trillion Asset Management is dedicated to working closely and establishing relationships with the Board/Owners through ongoing communication of information, recommendations, and ideas.

Board Meetings:   Our property managers prepare and distribute all Boards notices, annual meeting notices, proxies and ballots.  Our property managers attend board meetings, and prepare and distribute all notices to the Unit Owners pursuant to the Board’s agenda.  We also review and provide comments on the Minutes and distribute them to the Unit Owners.      

‚Monthly Reports: Each month, we generate and distribute financial reports to the Board members, Owners, accountants, or any other individual you designate. You will receive copies of paid invoices, a budget analysis comparing anticipated to actual income and expenses, and current bank balances. Our standard reports provide information on collection and arrears, account receivables, and account payables.  You also receive a cash reconciliation, and a disbursement register report.

Records: All building records including owner/shareholder files, building system files, insurance policies, and financial files are maintained in our office and can be accessed upon notice.

General Services:  We implement your by-laws as well as your rules and regulations.  Our company will set up an individual operating and reserve account for your building.  The common charges, maintenance, rent, and other fees will be directly deposited in said account using Clickpay.

Payment Defaults:  We diligently monitor payment of common charges, maintenance, and rents.  The company’s in house attorney will immediately send out the appropriate legal notices upon default of payment.  Our company has established relationships with outside counsel, and will immediately forward delinquent accounts to those attorneys for collection.

Tenant Placement:  Trillion Asset Management will screen and pre-qualify tenants for vacant units.  In addition to credit reports, we search criminal backgrounds, and wanted fugitive lists. We will verify a prospective tenant’s employment and rental history to help assure that you have the best tenant possible.

Payroll: We conduct payroll services for your building’s employees, including the filing of all New York City, New York State, and federal withholding taxes.  We can also provide your staff’s health insurance and other benefit plan needs as well.

Budget and Planning. At the end of each year, Trillion Asset Management will prepare and provide you or your accountant with a proposed budget for your review.  We will also advise you and keep you abreast of industry projections concerning the cost of fuel, insurance, taxes, and other variable budget items.

Year End. At year’s end, Trillion Asset Management will provide 1098/1099 forms to your Owners/Shareholders.  We also assist your accountant with the preparation of your audited annual financial statements.